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About Mexico Link Travel

Mexico Link Travel (MLT) is the Luxury Travel Workshop aimed at the TOP tailor-made tour operators. We are a commercial association that works to create and fortify business relations between Mexican companies and tailor-made luxury tour operators of the world. MLT offers a joint marketing strategy for promoting tourism products of Mexico, creation and maintenance of a common database, improving communications between the Mexican providers and the luxury tour operators.

Arminas Travel

Mexico Link Travel was founded by Armina Wolpert, CEO of Arminas Travel, one of Mexico's leading DMC's. Arminas Travel has a over 16 years of experience in tailor-made luxury travel aroound Mexico.

Arminas Travel creates custom-made expeditions to explore your passions: Nature, Adventure, Culture, Archeology, History, Ecology. Itineraries are completely tailor-made and can be adjusted to your needs, length of stay, arrival and departure airport and size of travel party. We guarantee a thrilling taste of Mexico via our circuits, tours and excursions in Mexico.

Arminas Travel has been the leader in the luxury market in Mexico over the last 15 years. The team has extensive knowledge of all of Mexico, and has travelled to every single hotel which is offered and always up to speed on the newest destinations and trends.

If you are looking for a partner in Mexico for your tailor-made luxury trips, we can assist!

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History MLT

Mexico Link Travel was born 10 years ago as a connection between Mexico and the world. The first focus was on Eastern Europe and Russia and through the years has grown into other destinations all around the world.

During the Mexico Link Trave workshops tour operators from different markets have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with luxury suppliers from all over Mexico and create meaningful connections.

Over the past 10 years we have organized over 30 Mexico Link Travel events in different countries and connected over 500 tour operators with the best hotels and suppliers in Mexico.

If you don't want to miss out on the next MLT events in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, make sure to contact us today!

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